Introducing Databend Enterprise

XuanwoJul 9, 2024

Databend Labs is a provider specializing in building data analytics platforms. Since the official launch of Databend Community and Databend Cloud, they have played a critical role in our users' businesses, saving them millions of dollars each month and processing data far exceeding the PB scale.

Databend Labs has been committed to fostering an open and collaborative data ecosystem, enabling users to easily deploy and utilize our products for real-time data analytics. With an increasing user base and complex use cases, we decide to officially introduce Databend Enterprise.

Databend Enterprise aims to provide users with stable and reliable business support while fostering the healthy development of the open-source community. As a robust complement to Databend Cloud, Databend Enterprise has been running stably for 2 years, supporting hundreds of production users in extensive real-time data analytics.

Databend Enterprise includes advanced features such as cluster deployment, aggregation indexing, materialized views, data masking, full-text indexing, data encryption, stream processing, and storage space reclamation. Users can deploy it in their own data centers or in hybrid computing clusters with Databend Cloud, benefiting from professional technical support provided by Databend Labs. For details on the differences between Databend Community and Databend Enterprise, please refer to the official documentation.

Databend Enterprise adopts a flexible licensing model, offering free trials and professional pre-sales Proof of Concept (PoC) support. Please note that starting from version 1.3, Databend Community will no longer support cluster deployment. Existing Databend Community users are encouraged to contact us for Databend Enterprise upgrade options.

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