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Unlock Lightning-FastData Ingestion and Query Speed

Databend is an economical alternative to
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What's Databend?

Cloud-Native Data Warehouse
Databend is an open-source, elastic, and workload-aware cloud data warehouse.
  • Compatible with popular object storage platforms.
  • Compliant with SQL:2011 and various SQL dialects.
  • Support for time travel and complex SQL queries.
Effortlessly connect Databend to data visualizations, data lakes, and even your own applications.
Data + AI
Elevate your data analytics with native AI capabilities.
Secure your data with RBAC and DAC access control models, along with multiple security policies.
Sub-Second Analytics
Create tasks to monitor data changes in streams with second-level granularity.
Log & Event Storage
Efficiently compress log and event data, saving storage space.
Data Archiving
Seamlessly back up data from diverse databases, such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, and AWS Aurora, for archival purposes.
Offline Computing
Import massive datasets for analysis.

TPC-H Benchmark

We compared Databend Cloud with Snowflake using the TPC-H SF100 (SF1 = 6 million rows) dataset, encompassing 100 GB of data and approximately 600 million rows across 22 queries.

Data Loading Benchmark
446 s
Cost $0.25
Databend LOGO
695 s
Cost $0.77
Query Benchmark: Cold Run
166 s
Cost $0.09
Databend LOGO
207 s
Cost $0.23
Query Benchmark: Hot Run
124 s
Cost $0.07
Databend LOGO
138 s
Cost $0.15
Databend LOGODatabend: Small (16CPU $2/h)
Snowflake: Small (16CPU $4/h)
*The TPC Benchmark™ and TPC-H™ are trademarks of the Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC).

Perfectly Fits into Your Workflow

Databend seamlessly integrates with popular data systems and tools, meeting all your needs for data transformation, business intelligence, ad-hoc analysis, and data applications, simplifying the transformation of raw data into valuable insights.

Streams & Orchestators
Data Lake Formats
Cloud Storage
Languages & Drivers

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Databend Cloud

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Available in multiple regions on AWS
Includes all Databend Enterprise features

Databend Enterprise

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Enhances Databend Community with enterprise features
Enterprise-ready with robust security
Dedicated enterprise-level support services

Databend Community

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Self-hosted on object storage
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