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What's Databend?
True Decoupled Storage & Compute
Databend Cloud breaks the boundaries of disk capacities, optimized for limitless object storage systems. Its next-generation vectorized query execution engine empowers lightning-fast analysis of massive datasets, all with sub-second latency.
Extremely Cost-Effective
Modern data stacks no longer require high expenses. By using inexpensive, auto-suspendable compute clusters combined with highly compressed, performance-optimized object storage, Databend Cloud can cut your costs by up to 90%.
ARM per core price vs x86 price
s3 price per gb vs SSD
up to 90%
Compress ratio
24h 2h
Cost with auto-suspend
Data Ingestion
In Databend Cloud, massive and continuous data loading is made easy through pipelines and loading tasks.
Perfectly Fits into Your Workflow
Databend Cloud seamlessly integrates with popular data systems and tools, meeting all your needs for data transformation, business intelligence, ad-hoc analysis, and data applications, simplifying the transformation of raw data into valuable insights.
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We have offerings for every size organization.
The Standard Plan is the introductory offering providing access to core platform functionality.
Complete SQL data warehouse
Fully managed elastic compute with auto suspend / auto resume
Security with automatic encryption of all data
Optimized storage with compression
Standard Time Travel (up to 1 day) for accessing/restoring modified and deleted data
Role based access control
Expert support with 1 business day response time
$ / mo.
$ / Per unit / hr.
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The Business Plan is designed for companies engaged in large-scale data initiatives that require more granular Business controls.
Everything in the Standard plan
Reserved computing resources
Extended Time Travel windows(up to 90 days)
Automatic query optimizations
Automatic storage optimizations
Automatic Materialized views
Continuous micro-batch loading via pipeline
VPC private links and fine-grained network policies
Expert support with a 1 hour response time 24x7 for Severity-1 issues
Dedicated Slack channel
$ / mo.
$NaN / Per unit / hr.
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Business Plan with all features, hosted separately on Databend Cloud, isolated from other tenants.
Dedicated environment
Custom compute options
Advanced isolation and security
Scheduled upgrades
Tailored Onboarding
Named lead support engineer
$ / mo.
$NaN / Per unit / hr.
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Each Compute Unit is equivalent to 8 virtual CPUs (vCPUs) per hour.
In addition to compute and storage, we apply minimal cloud service fees for API requests and bandwidth usage to ensure continued affordability.