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Databend Cloud
The Standard Plan is the introductory offering providing access to core platform functionality.
$23.00 / mo. / TB
$1.00 / hr. / unit
Semi-structured data (Parquet, CSV, TSV, ORC, NDJSON)
Standard time travel (up to 1 day)
Role based access control
Data pipelines, streams & tasks
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The Business Plan is designed for companies engaged in large-scale data initiatives that require more granular business controls.
$23.00 / mo. / TB
$1.50 / hr. / unit
All features in Stardard edition
Reserved computing resources
Extended time travel (up to 90 days)
Early access to new releases
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Includes all Business Plan features. Hosted separately on Databend Cloud with isolated tenants.
** / mo. / TB
** / hr. / unit
All features in Business edition
Isolated environment for security
On-demand upgrade scheduling
Customized compute capability
Dedicated support engineer
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Each compute unit is equivalent to 8 virtual CPUs (vCPUs). Cloud service fees also apply. For more information, see pricing.

Estimated monthly usage cost

The estimated cost savings over one year is approximately $0.00

Databend Cloud Cost
$0.00 Estimated consumption per month
Our warehouse charges on a per-second basis.
Snowflake Cost
$0.00 Estimated consumption per month👉 Learn more about price comparisons.
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Pricing philosophy

Our charges are determined by the duration of warehouse usage and the volume of data stored.
Control Your Expenses
A comprehensive billing system allows you to clearly track every penny spent. You can also set a spending limit to control your expenses.
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