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Suitable for most working scenarios and initial assessments.
Pay as you go
A total of 200 Credits and 200 GB storage can be used freely
Complete SQL data warehouse
Secure Data Sharing
Always-on enterprise grade encryption in transit and at rest
Create your own Data Exchange
Pay your bills monthly
Suitable for enterprises with higher requirements for data confidentiality and system integration.
Everything in the Standard plan
Detailed usage analysis
Sophisticated access controls, user groups, and DLP tools
Premium support
Advanced auditing, monitoring, alerting, and security integrations
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Pricing philosophy

Pay only for what you use

We calculate the billing for resource usage based on the length of time that the Warehouse is running. Thanks to our computing architecture, non-running Warehouses will not incur any charges.

Control and transparency

A clear billing system allows you to see each charge deducted. Setting a consumption limit can prevent unexpected bills and keep expenses available.

Warehouse Pricing

The cost of a warehouse depends on its size and runtime.

Size (vCPUs Included)Consumed / HourConsumed / Second

Note: A suspended warehouse doesn't consume credits. Databend Cloud automatically suspends warehouses after one minute of inactivity to save your credits.

Storage Pricing

Your data in Databend Cloud will be physically stored in Amazon S3. You pay for your storage in Databend Cloud based on the Amazon S3 pricing plan(approximate $0.023/gb a month). Databend Cloud does not charge additional fees for storage.
For more information about the Amazon S3 pricing, see

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Frequently Asked Questions
If you have other questions, please submit a ticket and expect a reply in 24 hours.
What billing options are available for Databend Cloud?
"Self-service monthly (in USD, via credit card)Direct-sales annual / multi-year (through pre-paid " Coupons ", in USD, with additional payment options)"
How long is the billing cycle?
How can I keep track of my spending?
What will happen to my data after I run out of credits?