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Trusted by startups and companies at scale
Boost query speed for your data from every corner
Databend Cloud powers rapid queries and helps break data platform barriers,
uniting diverse ecosystems.
Resource scheduling

Powerful and Elastic Engine

The columnar-vectorized query execution engine and Pull & Push-based scheduling model provide efficiency and flexibility to get your job done faster and cost-effectively with per-second billing.

Real-time SQL analytics

Fast and Easy SQL Analytics

Databend Cloud welcomes R&D engineers, data scientists, data analysts, product engineers, and everyone else who loves data clouds. The Snowflake-alike syntax enables you to get productive quickly without a herculean effort.

Contributions from Open Source

Databend Cloud is powered by Databend and benefits from hundreds of excellent contributors from the open-source community. View More: datafuselabs/databend

Why Databend Cloud?

Databend Cloud?

Easy to Use
You only need to load your data to Databend Cloud, then everything else will get done automatically.
Support for
Semi-Structured Data
Databend Cloud allows you to import data from CSV, JSON, or parquet files and perform aggregation queries on JSON data, as well as other complex datatypes.
High Performance and Low Cost
Databend Cloud runs all workloads on Arm-based instances and increases price-performance up to 40% compared to running on x86-based instances.
Enterprise-Grade Security
Databend Cloud secures your data with multiple methods:
Permission management
Role-based access control (RBAC)
File-level data encryption
How Does Databend Cloud Work ?
Select the Early Access Program to get started now, or contact us to get an Enterprise offer for your business.
Suitable for most working scenarios and initial assessments.
Pay as you go
Complete SQL data warehouse
Secure Data Sharing
Always-on enterprise grade encryption in transit and at rest
Create your own Data Exchange
Pay your bills monthly

Storage of up to 200 GBis free.

Suitable for enterprises with higher requirements for data confidentiality and system integration.
Everything in the Standard plan
Detailed usage analysis
Sophisticated access controls, user groups, and DLP tools
Premium support
Advanced auditing, monitoring, alerting, and security integrations
Didn't find the right plan for you? We're here to help. Contact Us to customize one.