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Meet the New Warehouse

The recent updates in July 2022 brought a new look-and-feel and many exciting new features to the warehouse module. Databend Cloud now provides more information about your warehouses, such as the compute unit states and consumption statistics. This post walks you through what's new in the warehouse module.


Card View

The card view is a new way to showcase the warehouses. Compared with the traditional list, the cards provide a more clear and comprehensive view where you can see the resource consumption details of each warehouse, as well as the states of the compute units.


Compute Unit States

Databend Cloud now visualizes the warehouse's compute units of different sizes, as well as their states.

The working process of a compute unit in the Databend Cloud includes the following stages: Scheduled, Initialized, Computing power, and Provide services. This provides helpful information for troubleshooting. When a compute unit is not available due to an error, you can quickly find at which stage the error occurs.


Consumption Statistics

Databend Cloud provides per-second billing for warehouses, so we must ensure that users can see all the usage details of a warehouse after it is started.

The Activity tab now provides consumption statistics by day, week, and month. The History tab will show the executed SQL queries in future updates.


Warehouse Connect

Warehouse Connect makes it possible to integrate Databend with third-party tools. Databend Cloud now provides basic support for JDBC, and will be able to connect with other tools in future updates, such as Metabase, Deepnote.