This Week in Databend #120

PsiACENov 19, 2023

Databend is a modern cloud data warehouse, serving your massive-scale analytics needs at low cost and complexity. Open source alternative to Snowflake. Also available in the cloud: .

What's New

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Managing Storage Access with CONNECTION

Databend now offers preliminary support for

, which stores credentials and access management entities for accessing external storage services, providing a convenient and consistent access control experience.

The following example creates a connection to store access credentials for S3 object storage and creates an external stage using that connection:

CREATE CONNECTION my_conn storage_type = 's3' access_key_id ='minioadmin' secret_access_key ='minioadmin' endpoint_url='${STORAGE_S3_ENDPOINT_URL}';
CREATE STAGE my_stage url= 's3://testbucket/admin/tempdata/' connection = (connection_name='my_conn');

If you want to learn more, please feel free to contact the Databend team, or check out the resources listed below.

Code Corner

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opensrv v0.5.0 Released

OpenSRV v0.5.0 was released this week, primarily focusing on updating upstream dependencies to address security audit issues. The code quality has also been further improved according to clippy's suggestions.

If you need MySQL or ClickHouse server protocol support for database projects, consider opensrv.


We have also made these improvements to Databend that we hope you will find helpful:

  • Introduced
    JSON operators.
  • Added support for evaluating UDF calls using the Async Transform Pipeline.
  • Added support for LATERAL FLATTEN.
  • Enhanced RBAC with the support for secondary roles.
  • The Databend documentation repository has been relocated to databend-docs.

What's Up Next

We're always open to cutting-edge technologies and innovative ideas. You're more than welcome to join the community and bring them to Databend.

Summary Support for Dry Run of VACCUUM TABLE


command helps optimize system performance by freeing up storage space through the permanent removal of historical data files from a table.

Databend provides a DRY RUN option for

, allowing you to list the candidate files to be removed before actually removing any data files.

We plan to enhance the DRY RUN option by adding a summary, allowing you to check the size of data files to be freed before vacuuming.

Issue #13674 | feat: vacuum table dry run summary

Please let us know if you're interested in contributing to this feature, or pick up a good first issue at to get started.


You can check the changelog of Databend Nightly for details about our latest developments.

Full Changelog:

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